Colorado Casino Heist Update: Second Suspect Nabbed in $500K Monarch Casino Caper

Stuart Johnson
December 27, 2023
black hawk colorado casino heist

In a plot worthy of a high-stakes thriller, the Centennial State’s gambling scene witnessed another twist as authorities apprehended a second individual linked to the audacious $500,000 heist at Black Hawk’s Monarch Casino.

Juan Gutierrez-Zambrano, 31, the latest character in this unfolding drama, found himself in hot water when he was charged with theft ranging from $100,000 to $1 million on May 2. With court documents revealing a hefty bail of $525,000, the unfolding casino caper took a new turn.

The March 12 robbery at Monarch Casino was far from ordinary. Sabrina Eddy, a cashier involved in the heist, drove off with ten bricks, each containing $50,000, taken directly from the casino’s vault. The rendezvous point was St. Anthony’s Hospital in Lakewood, where Eddy met Gutierrez-Zambrano, the alleged money recipient, in the parking lot.

Eddy’s explanation to the authorities was intriguing. She claimed that a mysterious figure, identifying themselves as a “casino boss,” urgently demanded the swift delivery of the cash to prevent a supposed “breach of contract.” Although Eddy faced initial arrest and questioning, she was later released but charged with the same theft offense.

Enter Gutierrez-Zambrano, the alleged recipient of the ill-gotten gains. As the second suspect in the case, he now faces legal consequences for his involvement in the parking lot transaction at the hospital.

However, the plot thickens with inconsistencies in Eddy’s accounts. The description of the supposed “casino boss” diverged from the evidence presented. While Eddy insisted on a silver Chevrolet Avalanche being the getaway vehicle, security footage revealed a black Trailblazer instead.

To add to the intrigue, Eddy underwent a polygraph test, and the results unveiled another layer to the story. She confessed to being coerced by “associates” of her late husband, who allegedly threatened harm to her family if she failed to comply.

In an attempt to recover the stolen funds, the police searched Eddy’s residence, but no traces of the money were found. With these puzzling developments, the Monarch Casino heist remains the largest in the state’s history, with the second suspect now facing justice, and the true narrative still shrouded in mystery.

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