Who owns the palms casino?

Andrew Bark
February 25, 2024
Who owns the palms casino?

Step into the world of luxury and excitement as we unravel the captivating story behind one of Las Vegas’ most iconic establishments – the Palms Casino. From its glamorous beginnings to its current ownership, join us on a journey through time to answer the burning question: Who owns the Palms Casino? Whether you’re a seasoned gambler, a fan of exquisite dining experiences, or simply curious about this renowned hotspot in Sin City, buckle up for an insightful ride filled with history, controversy, and anticipation for what lies ahead at the Palms Casino.

The History of the Palms Casino

Nestled just off the Las Vegas Strip, the Palms Casino first opened its doors in 2001, instantly captivating visitors with its modern design and vibrant atmosphere. Originally conceived as a trendy alternative to the traditional Vegas experience, it quickly became a favorite among celebrities and young partygoers looking for a hip destination.

The Palms’ unique blend of upscale amenities, including luxurious suites, world-class dining options, and an electrifying nightlife scene set it apart from other casinos in the area. With iconic attractions like the Playboy Club and Ghostbar drawing crowds seeking unforgettable experiences, the Palms solidified its reputation as a must-visit destination in Sin City.

Over the years, the casino has evolved to cater to changing tastes while maintaining its signature style and allure. From hosting high-profile events to continually refreshing its offerings, the Palms Casino remains a dynamic force in Las Vegas’ ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

Initial Ownership: The Maloof Family

The story of the Palms Casino begins with its initial ownership by the prominent Maloof Family. The family, known for their successful business ventures, took over the casino in the early days and put their stamp on it. With a vision to create a unique Las Vegas experience, they transformed the Palms into a hot spot for entertainment and luxury.

Under the Maloof’s ownership, the Palms became renowned for its trendy nightclubs, celebrity sightings, and luxurious accommodations. It quickly became a favorite destination among locals and visitors alike, setting itself apart from other casinos on the Strip.

The Maloof Family’s dedication to innovation and style brought new energy to the Palms Casino, solidifying its reputation as a must-visit destination in Las Vegas. Their influence laid the foundation for future developments at the iconic property that would shape its identity for years to come.

Sale to Station Casinos

The Palms Casino experienced a significant ownership shift when it was sold to Station Casinos. This transfer marked a new chapter in the casino’s history, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. Station Casinos, a renowned name in the industry, added their unique touch to the iconic establishment.

With this change in ownership came new opportunities for growth and innovation. The blending of two distinct styles and approaches infused the Palms with a renewed energy that resonated throughout its premises. Guests noticed subtle yet impactful changes that enhanced their overall experience at the casino.

Station Casinos’ expertise and vision played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the Palms Casino moving forward. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction undoubtedly left an indelible mark on this Las Vegas gem.

Current Ownership: Red Rock Resorts

The current ownership of the Palms Casino is held by Red Rock Resorts, a prominent player in the gaming and hospitality industry. Red Rock Resorts acquired the Palms in 2016, marking a new chapter for this iconic Las Vegas establishment.

Under the ownership of Red Rock Resorts, the Palms underwent significant renovations and upgrades to enhance the overall guest experience. From modernizing rooms and suites to revamping dining options and entertainment venues, Red Rock Resorts injected new life into this celebrated casino.

With a focus on luxury and innovation, Red Rock Resorts has positioned the Palms as a premier destination for visitors seeking an upscale yet vibrant atmosphere in Las Vegas. The synergy between Red Rock Resorts’ expertise in resort operations and the allure of the Palms brand has elevated its status among competitors in Sin City’s bustling casino scene.

Changes and Renovations under New Ownership

Under new ownership by Red Rock Resorts, the Palms Casino underwent significant changes and renovations to enhance the overall guest experience.

The property received a multimillion-dollar makeover, including upgrades to the hotel rooms, restaurants, and entertainment venues. These renovations aimed to modernize the resort while preserving its iconic status in Las Vegas.

Red Rock Resorts introduced new dining options featuring celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay and Marc Vetri. The culinary scene at the Palms was elevated to attract food enthusiasts from around the globe.

Additionally, The Pearl Concert Theater underwent improvements to host world-class performances and events. With state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting, it became a premier entertainment destination on The Strip.

Under Red Rock Resorts’ ownership, the Palms Casino evolved into a sophisticated yet vibrant destination for visitors seeking luxury hospitality and memorable experiences in Sin City.

Controversies Surrounding Ownership Changes

The Palms Casino has had its fair share of controversies surrounding ownership changes over the years. When the Maloof family sold the property to Station Casinos, there were mixed reactions from loyal patrons and industry insiders.

Some questioned how this move would impact the overall vibe and reputation of the iconic establishment. As Station Casinos took over, there were concerns about whether they would maintain the unique charm that made the Palms a standout destination in Las Vegas.

These controversies peaked when Red Rock Resorts acquired control of the Palms. Speculations arose about potential changes in management style, gaming options, and entertainment offerings under new ownership.

Despite these controversies, each transition brought both excitement and apprehension as visitors eagerly awaited to see what new chapter would unfold for this beloved casino resort on The Strip.

Conclusion: The Future of the Palms Casino

The future of the Palms Casino holds a promise of continued evolution and innovation in the world of entertainment and hospitality. As Red Rock Resorts takes the helm, we can expect to see further enhancements and modernization to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of Las Vegas.

With its prime location and iconic status, the Palms is poised to attract a new generation of guests while still catering to its loyal fan base. The resort’s unique blend of luxury amenities, top-notch dining options, and cutting-edge nightlife experiences will continue to set it apart in the competitive Las Vegas market.

As trends shift and consumer preferences evolve, the Palms Casino will undoubtedly adapt to meet these demands, ensuring that it remains a top destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for a high-energy night out or a relaxing weekend getaway, the Palms will strive to offer something for everyone as it moves forward into an exciting future.


Q: Who currently owns the Palms Casino?

A: The Palms Casino is currently owned by Red Rock Resorts, who took over ownership in 2016.

Q: Are there any plans for future renovations at the Palms Casino?

A: Yes, Red Rock Resorts has announced plans for significant renovations and enhancements to the property to elevate the guest experience.

Q: What are some of the controversies surrounding ownership changes at the Palms Casino?

A: Some controversies have arisen regarding financial issues and management decisions during past ownership transitions.

Q: Can I play online casino games at the Palms Casino website?

A: While you cannot play real-money casino games on the official Palms Casino website, there are many reputable online casinos in USA where you can enjoy a wide range of games from your own home.

As we delve into the history and evolution of ownership at the iconic Palms Casino, it becomes evident that this Las Vegas landmark has seen its fair share of transformations. From its beginnings with the Maloof family to its current status under Red Rock Resorts’ ownership, each chapter has brought changes, renovations, and even controversies. As one of Sin City’s most renowned establishments, only time will tell what lies ahead for this beloved destination. So next time you find yourself wondering about “Who owns The Palms Casino?” remember that its legacy continues to unfold in exciting ways.

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