Dice Sliding Scandal at Cosmopolitan’s Craps: $225K Win

Stuart Johnson
January 1, 2024
Dice Sliding

A group of individuals is accused of employing deceptive tactics while playing Roll To Win Craps at The Cosmopolitan, allegedly walking away with over $225,000 during six days in November and December of 2021. Antcharaporn Kamonlert, Hau Ngo, Max Rappoport, and Oscar Rodriguez are the individuals named in the case, facing charges related to cheating. The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) conducted an investigation, revealing that the group openly operated together, as evidenced by surveillance footage.

The alleged cheating technique employed is known as “dice sliding,” wherein the shooter skillfully sets the dice to display the desired outcome. Instead of the customary dice roll, the shooter slides the dice across the table, preventing them from bouncing. This method allows for a predetermined outcome, enhancing the chances of winning. In this case, the suspects would signal each other by placing single wagers in a circular motion around the main screen.

The Roll To Win Craps game at The Cosmopolitan, an electronic craps variant by Aruze, was the targeted platform for the scheme. The game, featuring semi-automation with one dealer and utilizing a Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) system, gained popularity after its introduction in 2018. Notably, it eliminates the need for chips and the presence of a box person to monitor players.

The NGCB’s findings indicate that the cheating occurred over multiple days at the Azure Roll to Win Electronic Craps table. Following the incident, The Cosmopolitan removed the Roll To Win Craps game from its casino floor by mid-January. The criminal case against the accused individuals, scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 1 at the Las Vegas Justice Court, encompasses the entire group.

This incident also raises questions about the integrity of Roll To Win Craps, as anecdotal evidence suggests that other Las Vegas casinos removed the game from their floors around the same time. The alleged cheaters capitalized on the unique features of this electronic craps game to execute their scheme successfully.

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